Bass poacher ordered to pay £1000 for selling catch without a licence

Marine Fisheries Agency News Release

A man who caught bass on rod and line
from his unlicensed boat and then sold them illegally to a fish
merchant was fined £600 and ordered to pay £400 costs  by magistrates
at Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, on Monday April 16th.

Richard Eynon, 28, of  Burry Port, Llanelli, pleaded guilty to selling
over 50 kilos of bass worth £300 caught on his unlicensed boat
Anna-Bell, to a Cornish fish merchant.

The prosecution, brought by the Marine and Fisheries Agency, cited a
sales note from the fish merchants which revealed Mr. Eynon’s name and
bank details on transactions between June 8th and 13th 2006.  

A Marine and Fisheries Agency Spokesman said: “Unlicensed catching and
selling of bass is a serious matter which is of legitimate concern both
to the commercial fishermen of South Wales and to serious sea anglers.

“Such illegal activity can do serious damage to fish stocks as well as distorting the market for licensed fishermen.”