The Worst Job In Fishing?

I’m quite lucky in my job, really. Well, not actually ‘lucky’, as such, as I’m self-employed and choose to do what I do. I sit in a warm office and get to talk and write about fishing stuff all day, every day. I get to look at fishy things and, if I’m a good boy, even get to go fishing and class it as ‘work’! I can’t complain.

However, I think I’ve found a job in angling I wouldn’t have wanted…..

I can almost see the advert now:


Innovative new fishing company seeks
field tester and product demonstrator.
Must be a keen angler, willing to apply him or herself
….and slightly bonkers!


Bison 2-pc Flotation SuitIt was by pure chance that I came across this Bison 2-pc Flotation Suit on eBay. I was having a look at some of the best selling fishing-related items on the site and this one jumped out at me. At the time of writing, it was a snip at just £49.99 plus £6.99 UK postage. It’s CE approved, looks warm, feature packed and an essential piece of kit for any sea angler. In fact, I only have one-piece suits myself and am quite tempted to add a 2-piece to the collection! In the winter, especially, I live in my flotation suit. Safety features aside, I like the warmth!

CLICK HERE to see if they have any left. They’d sold nearly 200 already by the time I wrote this, but I’ve no idea how many more they have available.

But back to the ‘worst job’ thingy. Take a look at the video below. I’ve just got visions of the poor so-and-so turning up for work on his first day and going through this. I dare say that’s not how it happened, but it would be so funny if it had!