Boat Fishing With Barham DVD Set

It’s actually quite hard to get a decent modern UK boat fishing DVD. Most offerings, even if presented by UK anglers, are filmed abroad. We don’t blame them….given the choice of being paid to fish for big game fish from the deck of a multi-million pound boat in a tropical climate, or braving the UK weather for a chance of a bass or two, we’d probably plump for the exotic choice.

HOWEVER, fishing UK waters is what most of us do and what we enjoy on a regular basis, so the Boat Fishing With Barham DVD’s will strike a chord with pretty much any UK sea angler who likes to get afloat.

The presenter, Dave Barham, is a true angler. He’s fished all his life, fishes for a living and lives for his fishing! As the Editor (and now owner!) of Boat Fishing Monthly magazine, his passion is without doubt.

Boat Fishing With Barham DVD Set

If you know somebody who likes boat fishing, chances are they will like these DVD’s. If you’re a boat angler yourself, you’d enjoy them, too, we’re sure! Check out the promo trailer below.

Prices start at £9.99, but we’d recommend the double-DVD at just £16.99.