KwikTek Anchoring Solution from Marine DNA

Marine DNA Ltd have introduced a compact, folding anchor system designed for dinghies, tenders, small boats, personal watercraft and even canoes.  Called the CFA2, it’s a 1.5kg folding, 4 fluke, grapnel style anchor supplied with 25ft of floating rope, an in-line marker buoy and heavy duty stainless steel snap hook for attaching.  The anchor is coated to protect its finish.

It’s supplied in a padded nylon storage case with added protection to dampen noise when the anchor is stowed.  The anchor’s 4 fluke design allows excellent holding in mud, sand, gravel and rock and it will also double as a grapnel – useful for recovering items that get dropped overboard.

An anchor is an essential piece of safety equipment on even the smallest of vessels and has an invaluable number of uses.  Priced at £29.95 including VAT (EUR39.95), it’s available direct and through selected trade outlets.

CFA2 Anchor