New Click2Knot Fishing Accessory Adds To The Pleasure Of Recreational Fishing

Palm-Sized Device Scheduled to Launch by the End of 2008; First Clicks Available at EFTTEX Trade Exhibition in Rome, Italy

Helsinki, Finland and Rome, Italy – June 12, 2008 – Spinmade Ltd., a provider of innovative accessories for recreational fishermen, today unveiled the new Click2Knot (click-to-knot) fishing accessory that ties a fishing line in seconds. The palm-sized device removes the trouble of tying knots by hand, instead making reliable and uniform knots with just a few clicks.

Based on a patent-pending geometric innovation by Finland-based Spinmade, the device ensures that lures move as they are designed to, helping to catch more fish. The device is exhibited for the first time to the international fishing industry at EFTTEX, the leading international Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition, opening on June 13th in Rome, Italy. Clicking will take place at the Spinmade booth F4.

”Among the hardest tasks for occasional and amateur fishermen is the knot. We set out to develop the Click2Knot device to help recreational fishermen, like ourselves, who welcome all accessories that make our favorite hobby easier and more enjoyable,” said Mr. Samuli Orko, President & CEO of Spinmade and the lead innovator of the Click2Knot Device. “In addition to those who find fishing knots complicated and hard to remember, we expect to meet with demand among more experienced fishermen. For them making a knot faster than the next guy is a rewarding part of the fishing experience.”

Click2Knot makes a reliable general-purpose knot suitable for the majority of needs and circumstances in recreational fishing. With six to seven clicks, the device makes a reliable uniknot (universal knot) in monofilament fishing line. In addition to attaching lures, swivels and hooks to the fishing line, the uniknot can join two lines and works well as a spool knot.

click2knot_566814935.jpg Spinmade Click2Knot is ideally suited for angling and freshwater trolling, in which the frequent changes of rods and lures require the making of dozens of knots a day. Click2Knot makes changes faster and easier, encouraging fishermen to always use the best possible lure.

”Our ultimate goal is to add to the pleasure of recreational and sports fishing,” said Mr. Tero Liimatainen, VP Sales and Marketing, Spinmade. “In contrast to simple knot tools, Click2Knot completely eliminates the hassle from tying knots by ensuring that the knot is always done right, even with cold and numb fingers. While we recognize and respect that some fishermen are proud to use their own handmade knots only, we are targeting their fellow fishermen, who may find the detailed process of making the ideal knot less than pleasant.”

A proper knot is an essential preventive measure for the environment. Broken fishing lines left behind are one of the largest risks that recreational fishing poses for the environment. Entangling into fishing lines may cause life-threatening injuries to sea life, birds and animals. Nylon fishing lines may remain in nature for extended periods of time.

”An ideal fishing knot will hold around 90 percent of the line’s breaking strength, ensuring that an overstrained line always breaks at the knot and leaves the least possible bit of nylon in the nature,” said Mr. Samuli Orko of Spinmade. “However, the vast majority of fishermen use knots that are not quite there. The Click2Knot device helps make knots that are optimal in strength and uniform in quality, even in challenging circumstances.”

Spinmade Ltd is currently gearing up for the commercial production and working on establishing a retail presence for the Click2Knot knotting device. The production is scheduled to begin by the end of 2008. Estimated retail price will be at around € 40 including country-specific taxes. Spinmade is planning to introduce more knotting devices for different knot types and target audiences in the future.

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