Daiwa Millionaire 7HT

The Daiwa Millionaire 7HT has truly stood the test of time and has proved, over the years, to be a very popular choice when it comes to quality reels.  But instead of resting on their laurels, Daiwa have somehow managed to improve what was already a great reel.  The result is the new 7HT Mag.  Magnetism like you will never have seen before is at the heart of the new Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag Reel. By creating a magnetic control system that is able to adjust itself during the cast gives you the ultimate form of brake control any angler could wish for.

Daiwa Millionaire 7HTAllowing the spool to hit maximum speed at the beginning of the cast Magnofuge kicks in almost instantly. As the reel detects the centrifugal force of the spool reducing it activates minute and gradual adjustment to the magnetic resistance, but in perfect synchronicity with the speed of the spool. This latest magnetic breaking technology means even smoother, longer casting, whilst virtually eliminating backlash.  Suitable for clean beach work and light boat work, the new 7HT has set new standards in excellence.


RRP: £245.00





Prices correct at time of publication