England ‘A’ Win Team Gold


The England ‘A’ team of Dennis Retter (Manager), Alan Varley, Jason Carter, Andy Copping, Steve Lewis and Steve Boyt, who represented Angling Trust in the CIPSed Long Slinging of Sea Leads World Championships in Saint Cyprien, France from 4th – 10th October 2010 brought home the gold team medals after a victorious win against 9 other countries and amazing casting by the England team to be crowned World Champions of 2010.

The England ‘A’ team consisted of Dennis Retter (Manager), Alan Varley, Jason Carter, Andy Copping, Steve Lewis and Steve Boyt.

England ‘B’ team were; Dennis Retter (Manager), David Richardson, Mark Jakins, Lee Adams, Tony Jones and Alan Bowden.

Day one (100gm) saw winds in all directions, but down court and three court changes the measuring was very slow, and once again problems arose as in previous year’s as casters were not told how far they had cast until the results were announced. Team England ‘A’ was leading on day one, with Team England ‘B’ finishing in 7th place.

Team results – Day one:
1st England ‘A’
2nd France
3rd Belgium

Individuals results – Day one:
Gold Danny Moeskops Belgium
Silver Jason Carter England A
Bronze Steve Lewis England A
9th Steve Boyt England A
12th Alan Varley England A
13th Alan Bowden England B
26th Dave Richardson England B
31st Mark Jakins England B
32nd Andy Copping England A
34th Lee Adams England B
48th Dennis Retter Individual
54th Tony Jones England B

Day Two (125gm) saw conditions similar to day one and the Championship started slightly earlier, but unfortunately still finished late due to court changes.

England Casting A TeamTeam results – Day two:
1st England ‘A’
2nd France
3rd England ‘B’

Individuals results – Day two:
Gold Danny Moeskops Belgium
Silver Mark Jakins England B
Bronze Jason Carter England A
4th Steve Lewis England A
7th Dave Richardson England B
9th Steve Boyt England A
10th Alan Varley England A
15th Andy Copping England A
28th Tony Jones England B
29th Alan Bowden England B
34th Lee Adams England B
55th Dennis Retter Individual

Day Three (150gm) conditions were a bit better with only one court change.

Team results – Day three:
1st England A
2nd France
3rd England B

Individuals results – Day three:
Gold Dave Richardson England B
Silver Danny Moeskops Belgium
Bronze Jason Carter England A
6th Alan Varley England A
7th Steve Lewis England A
8th Andy Copping England A
10th Mark Jakins England B
11th Steve Boyt England A
12th Lee Adams England B
17th Alan Bowden England B
25th Tony Jones England B
50th Dennis Retter Individual

Day Four (175gm) conditions were better with only slight change of court.

Team results – Day Four:
Gold England A 4 points
Silver France 8 points
Bronze England B 16 points
4th Belgium 16 points
5th Italy 17 points
6th Greece 23 points
7th Argentina 29 points
8th Spain 31 points
9th Holland 35 points
10th Germany 40 points

Individuals results – Day Four:
on 4 leads 1st Danny Moeskops 1023 77 mts
2nd Jason Carter 993.24
3rd Steve Lewis 980.77
4th Dave Richardson 970.66
7th Steve Boyt 959.96
8th Alan Varley 958.04
10th Mark Jakins 948.16
14th Andy Copping 936.01
21st Alan Bowden 904.89
24th Lee Adams 899.06
38th Tony Jones 868.33
53rd Dennis Retter 798.13

Dennis Retter, England team Manager said “I was so proud standing on the podium receiving the Team Gold medal, France have a very strong team but were no match for our lads, and even prouder when the B team received the Bronze team medal when after the first day finishing 7th it looked like a medal placing was way out of reach.

In the 11 years I have been Manager we have won the odd individual medal and with more countries coming into the event there are a lot more casters who can get near to winning a medal on different leads, but apart from Danny Meoskops the World Individual Champion the England boys excelled and took all the other medals with the highlight seeing David Richardson winning Gold on the 150 gramme an achievement no other England caster has done in all the years we have been casting in the Cips Casting Worlds.

I would like to thank Steve Boyt for all the time he spent raising funds , Mark Jakins for putting on a 2 day event to raise funds , Tony Jones for producing Calendars for the fund and to all of those who gave Rods, Shelters, Line Etc. , to get us the fantastic amount of £4042 which was nearly half of our total costs of the event”.