Fladen Blue Fisherman's Smock – £4.99


Sometimes, you have to look carefully for the bargains. The normal selling price for this smock is £15.99, but we found some cheaper…

It would seem that if you wear a ‘Medium’ or ‘Large’ size, then you can bag a real bargain on Amazon!

The description of this smock is somewhat lacking. In fact, at the time of writing, it was totally lacking, as there wasn’t one! However, a quick search via Google seemed to indicate that it’s a pretty good smock, which has a v-neck colour and two pockets.

Fladen Fisherman's SmockThese smocks are aimed primarily at sea anglers, although there’s nothing to stop you wearing them elsewhere. The benefit of a smock design is that it tends to be better at keeping the wind out, with no zips acting as weak points – spot on if you like beach fishing.

As mentioned, when we spotted this bargain, it was only the ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’ sizes that were on offer, but it’s worth checking, as these offers can change. CLICK HERE for more details. They were £4.99 when we looked!

When we looked, shipping was only £2.10, too! Well worth a look…