Humminbird 595c combo fishfinder

If you’re into boat fishing, then a decent fishfinder is as essential as your rod and reel. Nobody wants to spend all that time and money going to sea, only to blank because they couldn’t see the fish-holding features below them.

Humminbird make some of the best fishfinders about, each one built with one thing in mind…to help you catch fish! The range is wide, with a fishfinder to suit all budgets.

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The Humminbird Fishfinder 595c Combo shows your position on a built in UniMapÖ and delivers performance fishfinding in one compact unit.Features- Combination GPS chartplotter and sonar capability in one compact unit with a quick disconnect mount- Built in UniMapÖ of the coastline, inland lakes and rivers to 4nm detail- 16 Channel WAAS GPS receiver included- 320V x 240H 5″ brilliant colour TFT display- 20? single beam sonar optimized for coverage and precision bottom detail- Better performance with 2400w Peak to Peak (300w RMS) power output and depth capability to 1000ft- Sonar echo enhancement shows a bait when vertical jigging and delivers 2.5″ target separation- Real Time SonarÖ captures the action at up to 40 times a second for better views when moving- Upgradable to seamless cartography- Exclusive tilting and swiveling quick disconnect mounting system without cables to connect- Temperature included in transducer- GPS speed includedAdditional features- Choice of WhitelineÖ or Structure IDÖ bottom presentation- X-PressÖ Menus for instant access to most important features with fewer button presses- Fully gasketed waterproof design and it floats- TruArchÖ shows actual fish returns or choose selective Fish ID+Ö with target depth- Selectable large digit screen for easy to read number display- Bright CCFL backlight and selectable screen background colours for night use- TripLog with distance, elapsed time, and average speed- Microdynamic transducer design slices through water for reliable readings up to 70mph- Totally automatic operation or totally manual operation with upper and lower range control- Depth alarm, fish alarm, and battery alarm- One touchÖ 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x zoom levels- Adjustable chart speed- Feature memory retains your settings- Two year limited warranty- Assembled in U.S.A.
Price: 524.99