NESAs’ CV on fund raising for the RNLI

To date, we have handed over £7,000 to the RNLI.

£4,700 of which, going direct to N.E. based lifeboat stations and £2,300 going into the RNLIs’ National Funds.

This is how the money has been raised:-

May 2003: Boat Comp – £2000 going to Amble Lifeboat Station

November 2003: Shore Comp – £700 going to RNLI National Funds

May 2004: Boat Comp – £1,200 going to Cullercoats Lifeboat Station

November 2004: Shore Comp – £1,000 going to RNLI “Grace Darling Appeal”

May 2005: Boat Comp – £1,500 going to Sunderland RNLI Station

November 2005: Shore Comp – £600 going to RNLI National Funds

The amounts shown above are inclusive of money raised through the comps themselves, on-line auctions, personal donations, etc.

All the events mentioned have had their own forums, topics or threads, but so that they don’t become lost in the mists of time, I’ve put this information on the Home Page.

Many thanks to all those who have been involved in raising the monies; either through helping to organise the events, taking part in the events, donating prizes, donating auction items, bidding on auction items, making personal donations, or whatever……..It’s ALL down to you.