Ocean Kayak is a name which has brought affordable, recreational boating to thousands of people and this year the company celebrates its 40th Anniversary. Ocean Kayak is the world number one when it comes to sit-on-top kayaks and the market leader in the kayak fishing sector. Ocean Kayak recreational craft offer fantastic value for money and the self-draining, open cockpit design of the sit-on-tops makes them very safe. It’s easy to see why these stable, durable and paddler-friendly craft have allowed so many people to get afloat.

It all started for Ocean Kayak back in 1971 on a beach in Malibu, California. The founder of the company, Tim Niemier, came up with the concept of sit-on-tops as we know them today by taking a surf board and shaping an area to sit in and making a place to stow his dive gear.

Ocean Kayak recreational craft offer fantastic value for moneyThe imaginative thinking which prompted Tim’s first idea has continued to flourish in the company and Ocean Kayak has always stayed true to its roots combining innovative design with a passion for the outdoors. The brand is now synonymous with sit-on-top kayaking.

Ocean Kayak was one of the first companies to start manufacturing and selling rotationally moulded sit-on-top kayaks. Now a huge range of robust, car-toppable watercraft is available with models for both children and adults including single and tandem craft, standup paddle boards and dedicated angler editions. They are all easy to transport, launch and retrieve and need virtually no maintenance. 

The company continues to lead sit-on-top development today through new products including the Trident Ultra 4.7 fishing kayak, the Nalu 12.5 standup paddle board and the motorized Torque. For more information about Ocean Kayak and their latest innovations please visit www.johnsonoutdoors.co.uk . Customers can also visit the brand on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ocean-Kayak-UK/113320465350719 and on the Ocean Kayak YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/paddleoceankayak.



Ocean Kayak Scrambler
The Scrambler (above) is just one of the hugely popular range of Ocean Kayak craft. It retains many of the original Ocean Kayak features and has a moulded in seat well, moulded in footwells, storage areas, paddle keepers and carrying handles.
The tri-form hull gives great stability and being rotomoulded out of polyethylene it is incredibly robust. Materials used are repairable and recyclable.