Keen kayak fishermen had something a bit special to head for on the Johnson Outdoors UK stand at this year’s Show. The ‘must see’ item at the top of their list was the new Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.7 fishing kayak – and at its UK launch it proved to be every bit as popular as had been expected.

“The Show was the first opportunity for many visitors to see our latest water craft for 2010 and the new Prowler Ultra 4.7 was very well received by kayak fishermen who came along specifically to see it,” commented Andrew Dron. “It is a very exciting new design – not the sort of boat that people buy on spec and many people who came to see it bought it.”

The Prowler Ultra 4.7 and the Nalu paddleboardThe Prowler Ultra 4.7 is packed with features including a multi-functional hatch cover to house electronics and innovative areas for storing bait, kit and rods. The outstanding hull design gives great stability and exceptional tracking and offers a much drier ride than other models. It is a sit-on-top sure to be a hit this season but of course on the stand at the Show there were many sit-on-tops, canoes and kayaks catering for paddlers of all age ranges and abilities.

There was even the opportunity to try out the fun new Nalu paddleboard from Ocean Kayak which was being demonstrated on the indoor pool close to the stand. The Nalu can be used as a sit-on-top surf kayak or stand up paddleboard. Paddleboarding is easy to do and is also a great way to exercise. When paddling standing up your body core, legs and arms all get a workout and it helps your balance. Also on display with the paddleboard was the special dual purpose paddle from Carlisle known as the Taboo hybrid. It is can be adjusted to suit the user’s height or converted to a traditional kayak blade.

“Our recreational sit-on-tops are always a big attraction at this event and we saw many new converts to kayaking while we were there,” concluded Andrew Dron. “Our water craft are ideally suited to those who enjoy the outdoors and for many campers and caravanners they are the perfect thing to take away if you’re going to have a holiday by the water.”

A huge choice of sit-on-top kayaks
A huge choice of sit-on-top kayaks