Pop Art Your Fishing Photos – HALF PRICE OFFER!

This time of year, we receive loads of questions about gifts for anglers and, to be honest, it’s a difficult question to answer, so we do what most grown-ups would do when faced with such a situation…..we avoid it!

However, as an angler myself, I do occasionally spot items on my travels that I think I’d like for myself that, technically, have nothing to do with fishing, but would be great gifts for some fishermen (and women!). This Personalised Pop Art framed poster pack is one such example. In fact, I liked this one so much, I even dusted off the wallet and bought one!

The concept is simple; you get a pack with instructions, you send off a photo of your choice and it comes back as a framed A3 poster in the pop-art-stylie shown in the photo on this page.

Personalised Pop Art PosterThere can’t be many people reading this who haven’t photographed their catch. Most anglers fish for memories and even when I fish for food for the table, my camera comes with me! What better way to turn that prize catch into a piece of art that even non-anglers will find interesting?!! Some of the striking North-East beach scenery would look superb in this style, too…

Of course, you’re not limited to fishing photos; this item would be ideal for a wide range of photos, whether of people or objects. The only limit is your imagination.

If you’re stuck for a Christmas idea this year, give this personalised pop art print a look. At the time of writing, it was almost half price and, at £17.99 for a framed, personalised poster, it could be just the ‘get out of jail card’ you need in your search for a gift for that awkward friend or relative! Or you could do what I did….and get one for yourself!!

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Book: One Man One Rod - The art of Classic Split Cane

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