So Near and So Clear!

Raymarine’s DSM technology gives boaters more than just sonar

June 2007 ~ Raymarine’s recently launched High Definition Digital Sounder Modules have caused a stir amongst fishermen, who are using this new technology to actively target specific fish thanks to the high clarity underwater and sea bed vision available. 

Now boaters can also enjoy seeing clear images of the sea bed and bottom, discovering for the first time the true shape of wrecks, rocks or the sea bed contours beneath them –  and maybe even catch a few fish along the way if wanted – simply buy fitting a Digital Sounder Module (DSM) into their existing Raymarine systems.

Raymarine’s DSMs network with the C and E Series multifunction displays.  The high quality sonar images are produced using digital echo sounding technology that automatically adapts to changing water and seabed conditions, and adjusts ping rate to reduce surface clutter.  This gives true ‘hands off’ operation, enabling boaters to see what’s happening below them without having to make the types of adjustments normally required on non-digital sonars.  On the C and E Series multifunction displays, the high quality underwater images can be displayed on a split screen allowing navigational or instrument data such as depth, and chartplotter or radar information to be shown at the same time.  For boaters using single station instruments such as the Raymarine A65 and A60, there is a dedicated DSM25 module.

Raymarine High Definition Digital Sounder ModuleFor fishermen, the data from Raymarine’s Digital Sounder Modules produce a display of such clarity and accuracy that fishermen can even distinguish baitfish from larger species.  For boaters,  the detailed images of wrecks are produced so clearly it’s possible to see sharp images of the vessel’s superstructure and masts, while sea bed, rocks, shelves and other interesting features can be clearly identified.

Raymarine offers three options in its DSM range – the powerful DSM300, which provides a power output of 1000 watts and runs on either 12 or 24 volts, has an RRP of £575.75 inc VAT (£490 ex VAT) and the new DSM30, which has a power output of 600 watts, and operates on 12 volts.  The DSM30 has an RRP of £470 inc VAT and £400.00 ex VAT. 

Both these ‘black box’ digital fishfinders are designed to provide full fishfinder/sonar capabilities to Raymarine’s E Series and C Series display.  The DSM25 is available as a package with the A65 and A60 or separately with an RRP of £410.08 inc VAT and £349.00 ex VAT. 

The new DSM30, top of the range DSM300 and entry level DSM25 models are available worldwide through Raymarine’s international network of distributors.