As anglers, we probably care about the environment more than we realise. After all, we have a vested interest in it and most of us would like to think that future generations will be able to enjoy fishing in the same way that we do (many would actually like to see things improve for the future!). So, any product that helps us to help our surroundings has got a head start in my book.

RealOil is a biodegradable, natural, non-toxic oil developed in the USA by Enviroshot for the angling and marine markets. It’s pretty much a ‘universal’ oil that can be used in just about any environment in which you’d use a general oil.

I’ve used it on a few stiff reels that had been laying about in my garage for a couple of years and it works just fine. It’s difficult to say whether it works ‘better’ than other oils, but knowing that it comes from a farmer’s field, rather than by drilling through the earth, is enough to encourage me to keep using it. The fact that it shouldn’t harm our waterways, even if 2 million of us decide to drop our reels in the water on the same day, is an added bonus! It loosened up my reels in no time and made them usable again, which is exactly what I wanted it to do!

Enviroshot make a range of environmentally oils, including one for those into shooting. Check out their website at for further details, pricing and availability.