Ron Thompson Axellerator

I have found the Axellerator to be a great rod for the money. I had doubts about it when I first purchased it as it appears to have the action of a broom shank but this was quickly laid to rest during my first few casts.

The rod I bought was the 13.5ft version and as I usually cast 6oz sinkers, the sinkers went off like a rocket with plenty of power in reserve. I dont class myself as a good long distance caster so god knows what the potential of this rod is in the hands of an expert/good caster.The rod is well finished and the only gripe that I have is that the manufacturer should consider using a better type of reel seat as the one fitted is pretty fragile.

I accidently dropped one of my reels onto the seat from a height of around one foot and the seat shattered! I replaced the broken seat with an Imax seat and the Imax seat is much stronger than the Ron Thompson version. When all is said and done though, this is one hell of a rod for the money and they can be had for around the hundred pound mark if you look around.

Reviewer:  George Gray