Last year Bic saw the launch and immediate success of the highly innovative Bic YAKKAir HP inflatable kayaks. This was their first inflatable kayak, and due to its high-pressure floor and keel, it truly paddles like a rigid.

And now, following the success of the 2009 YAKKAir, Bic have released two more inflatable kayaks for 2010 – the YAKKAir LITES.

YAKKAir LiteDeveloped directly from the successful YAKKAir HP, the YAKKAir Lite is aimed specifically at coastal paddling close to the beach, for rivers and for other inland waters. Suitable for all skill levels, stable, strong and lightweight, the YAKKAir Lite is the ideal way to get out on the water on your holidays.

As far as construction is concerned, the same multi-material format as used on the YAKKAir HP has been adopted.  It incorporates Polyurethane bladders encased in Dacron sleeves, and a multi-tube bottom with a coated fabric outer skin which ensures durability and performance. The rigid stiffeners at the front and rear tips help to pre-form the hull, sharpening the cutting edge and further improving the already excellent glide.

The new YAKKAir Lite is stable, fast, lightweight and comfortable and comes with a seat/backrest, safety grab lines, abrasion protector, bow protector, carry handles, stowing mesh front & rear for accessories, paddle attachment, carry bag, pump and repair kit, all as standard.

It is available as a one man (RRP £539) or two man (RRP £629), and is easily folded down into a carry bag, making it simple to carry on foot or popped in the boot of your car.  Getting started is just as easy and it is fully inflated for use in minutes using the high pressure pump that comes with it.

With the success of their inflatable kayak last year, Bic are sure that the new YAKKAir Lite is going to be equally in demand. So make sure you get your hands on one soon, as these babies aren’t going to be round for long!

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YAKKAir Lite