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Catch Reports – w/e 25/11/06 to 09/12/06

w/e Sat 25th NovIn general, with the offshore winds, fishing has been poor for the tiem of year with only the Tyne producing reasonable catches of small codling and coalfish, the Wear also producing codling and coalfish but in lesser numbers. Plenty of whiting at Roker pier after dark. Willy Emery two cod 11-5-0 best 6-0-8

How To Fillet Flatfish – Video Guide

Here I have tried my best to show the novice the basic steps to fillet a flatfish. Once again I have gone as slow as possible and also tried to keep my hands out of the way as well as keeping the action on screen and in focus. Unfortunately when taking the last fillet off

Best catches week ending Sat 11th November

Best catches week ending Sat 11th November Steve Potts two cod 7-13-0 best 6-4-0 MiddensSteve Potts two cod 7-13-0 best 6-6-0 MiddensMick Hardy four cod 10-4-0 best 4-4-0 Sugar SandsCraig Cockfiled 10 cod best 2-9-0 one flounder Blyth BeachMick Brown 11 cod to 5lb North of WearDavy Redford 8cod to 2lbShaun Wilson 9cod 9-12-0 TyneGareth Gardiner

How To Fillet Fish – A Video

One question that often crops up on sea fishing sites is "How do you fillet your catch?". Well, thanks to modern technology, Alan Charlton shows you how to fillet cod and mackerel here. Just press play and you’ll see that it’s not as hard as many think. Alan has also added some notes t accompany

Open Results – 2006

NEWBIGGIN SUMMER OPEN119 fished, 28 weighed in 44 cod, 6 wrasse, 1 pollock, 1 coalfish, 1 conger for 165lb 8oz 4drams 1st Wayne Harriman 5 cod 20-7-4 (Marden Rocks)2nd John Nixon 2 cod 19-10-12 (Howick)3rd Mick Hardy 4 cod 9-15-14 (Howdiemans)4th Barry Tweddle 2 cod 9-9-0 (Craster) Heaviest fish1st John Nixon conger 16-1-42nd Wayne Harriman

North Crab Hill

North Crab Hill Location: Busy trying to find the map anybody got a copy of it from the old site Just south of Marconi Point Cullercoats. Best to park on road above small promenade above Otters Pool. Just after you go round two sharp bends after leaving Cullercoats heading for Whitley Bay, What used to

Secure Muppets

Want to stop your home made muppets sliding down the hook? Take a few turns of electricians tape around hook shank, place muppet on and then tape secure.   Muppets For Sale

Popular Baits

Peeler crab – it has that magical sound about it doesn’t it? Peeler crab and cod seem to go together like peaches and cream – and so they do on most occasions. When you have this bait with you and the cod are there then its hard not to connect with a fish. There are

Easy Jigging

Looking forward to the new wrecking season but not to making jiggers. All that cutting, drilling and hammering and not to mention actually getting the materials to make your jiggers! I did away with that carry on, years ago. Take a 1lb DCA boat mould; drill two holes in the join at the bottom. Using

Sea fishing floats from fibre pens!

Looking for a cheap way of making floats for sea fishing from fibre pens? I use the Berol hand wrirting pens a lot, so I use them. However this idea can be used with any type of fibre pen. As yet I have only used the round ones. 1 – Take one used fibre pen,